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Step 1

Step 1 includes moving the slider to change the density of the outlines. Color areas change automatically to fit the new outlines.

Set Cartoon Outlines

When the slider is moved to the right, the number of outlines increases, and when the slider is moved to the left, the number of outlines decreases. The two images below were obtained using different Fewer - More Outlines settings.

Cartoon Outlines

The goal of Step 1 is to set the right number of outlines, the number of color areas can be adjusted further on Step 2. To see the outlines more clearly, uncheck the Turn Colors On/Off box Color On/Off (located above the Step 1 control and also inside the Step 2 control). The same two images with colors turned off are shown below.

Cartoon Outlines

Changing the number of outlines cancels all previous edits (if any) and, therefore, this is the first step in photo editing. 


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