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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this software be used for commercial use? I would like to use the cartoons created from photos for T-shirt designs.

The trial version is for evaluation only. There is no restriction on commercial/professional use of the images you create with the full version of the software and Caricature Software does not claim any rights to these images (the copyright for the cartoons created by you belongs to you and/or the owner of the original photos). However, you may not disassemble modify, resell or redistribute the software itself. See License for additional information.

2. How long can I use the software after I purchase a license?

There is no time limit and so you only need to pay again if you want to upgrade to a new version.

3. Is my credit card information safe when I order from you?

Yes. All payments are made through PayPal or other professional payment processing systems with state of the art security and encryption systems. Your credit card number is processed by their secure systems and is never revealed to us.

4. Why do you ask for my shipping address during checkout when all I need is the license code?

We sometimes have to collect Canadian sales tax (GST/HST) from Canadian residents. The shipping address is used to determine if this tax is applicable.


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