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Saving a Cartoon
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Frequently Asked Questions
Error Messages

Photo to Cartoon Error Messages

Error Reason Action

"Not a valid win32 application" when installing Photo to Cartoon

The downloaded installation file was corrupted.

Re-download the installation file from http://www.caricaturesoft.com

"Not compatible with Windows 7 or 8" when downloading Photo to Cartoon NOT FROM our site http://www.caricaturesoft.com

Various reasons.

Download the installation file from http://www.caricaturesoft.com

The program is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

"Trial version has expired" message any time after the full version was purchased.

Operating system updates or the use of some programs may have resulted in a loss of licensing information.

Please re-enter the license key. If you have lost your license key, contact us.

Any error when opening an image.

The image file doesn't have a valid image format or is corrupted.

Try a different image.

Any error when opening the application.

The Photo to Cartoon application or Microsoft .NET framework on the computer is damaged or turned off.

Reinstall Photo to Cartoon. For Windows 7, check if Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 is turned on. This option is found in Control Panel->
Windows Features->Turn Windows Features On or Off.


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